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jiu jitsu athlete, teacher, writer, advocate

My name is Erin Herle. I am a writer, fighter, and advocate. Jiu jitsu black belt, freelance writer, nomad, navigating life through the jiu jitsu lifestyle.


I've spent years crafting my skills and forging a path that is uniquely mine. I believe that life is about creating yourself and that's what I've been doing for the majority of my adult life since starting my jiu jitsu training.

It permeates everything in my world. I write about jiu jitsu, I train, I teach, and I spread awareness of mental health within the community.

So what can I do for you? 

I will teach my jiu jitsu knowledge to you, or your students. I will write your content for your website, produce articles and interviews about you or for your publication, help you write an athlete resume to send to sponsors and promoters, assist in your visa/green card application, and much more.



Sharing my jiu jitsu knowledge brings my journey full circle. Training jiu jitsu is a process of constant learning but teaching what I know along the way is not only beneficial for my understanding, but also rewarding. I am available for seminars, classes, and private lessons.



As a member of jiu jitsu media since 2011, I have experience producing written content of all kinds. I can work for an athlete, academy owner, gi company, jiu jitsu brand, and anyone else who has content needs within the jiu jitsu community. I am available per project.



Since founding #SubmitTheStigma, a mental health awareness non-profit, I am open to sharing my story of mental illness to others. By talking about mental health, the stigma is eliminated. I aim to educate, create a support system within the jiu jitsu community and make others feel less alone.